who would fundingcentre.ca appeal to?

Our service is catered to those busy residential experts who simply don’t have the time or expertise in packaging and furthermore gaining successful approvals for those difficult and complicated deals.

Why you should use fundingcentre.ca?

We are specialists in complex commercial and private deals. We present your application to our specialized funding sources where your application has the best chance of approval, undoubtedly saving brokers countless hours of work and ensuring you secure the most appropriate finance package. Our quality staff with decades of industry experience and technical expertise have been carefully selected to ensure we deliver exceptional results.

Fundingcentre.ca offers the most competitive commissions and referral fees in the industry. We value our relationships with all of our brokers and referral sources. Your client stays your client. We do not solicit your customers.

By partnering up with Fundingcentre.ca you immediately gain access to what is possibly the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of funders operating within the commercial and private lending markets.You benefit from an unparalleled choice of funding sources for those time consuming, complicated hard to place deals.

As a residential expert you can now offer your clients a broader range of services. We act on your behalf as your alternative/commercial deal partner and never turn down a deal based on current market conditions or the strict regulatory restrictions.

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You are engaging in a co-broker arrangement with Freedom Capital Inc. We are simply your partners on individual deals you retain our services for. We sign a co-broker agreement that solidifies and protects both parties, after which the fundingcentre.ca controls all aspects of the deal to ensure clarity of understanding and presenting the deal accordingly to its funding specialists.
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