We specialize in commercial, construction & private financing

We are specialists in complex commercial and private deals. We undoubtedly save our co brokers countless hours of work and avoid a potential decline.  Our expertise will help approve these complex, hard to place mortgage requests and furthermore help you earn more money.

We can provide options whether it’s a commercial or personal real estate loan, private financing, construction draw mortgages, interim/bridge financing, foreclosure prevention, land acquisition & land only deals, equity take outs or 2nd/3rd mortgages.

Our service includes collecting all the relevant documents, professionally packaging and submitting files for approval.  We further facilitate the funding the entire deal.  Our service includes coordination of the co-broker payments and all necessary compliance and disclosure documents. The fee split for this service is 50/50 on gross income earned.

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You are engaging in a co-broker arrangement with Freedom Capital Inc. We are simply your partners on individual deals you retain our services for. We sign a co-broker agreement that solidifies and protects both parties, after which the controls all aspects of the deal to ensure clarity of understanding and presenting the deal accordingly to its funding specialists.
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